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You CAN lose weight &
make peace with food.

Join the game-changing Life & Weight Loss Coaching Program for women over 40.

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Make mental and emotional changes to make peace with food.
Easily add more plants to your diet without a ton of cooking.
Develop a lifestyle you can follow forever.

You're in the right place if you're a woman who is:

  • Desperate to lose weight in a way that is sustainable
  • Driven to improve her metabolic, cardiac and bone health

  • Exhausted from being a serial dieter

  • Craving freedom from uncontrollable cravings

  • Discouraged that you don't have enough willpower to stick to anything

  • Committed in the morning, but blows it in the evening 
  • Aware you should eat more plants, but can't do it quickly and easily

  • Eager to stop using food for comfort
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You are not broken just because you haven't
figured this out.

You deserve simple evidence-based advice, and tools to help with emotional eating and cravings.

I learned to listen to my body and manage my emotions to know when and how much to eat. 

I'm Jennifer Singh, MD. Even as a Board-Certified Internist and Lifestyle Medicine Doctor,  AND eating a plant-based diet,

I STILL struggled with overeating.

I STILL struggled with permanent habit change.

I knew that adquate KNOWLEDGE about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits was NOT the problem.

I experienced real change when I learned to listen to my body's "built-in hardware and software" for regulating my eating. 

I learned from my own experience and working with many patients and clients, that there are several ways to successfully and safely lose weight.

One person's sustainable plan will not look exactly like someone else's. 

Transform your relationship with
yourself and with food in my program,

The Super-Self Coaching Program

In this 12-Week Program,
I'll teach you to: 

Make peace with food 

Add easy plant-strong nutrition 

Achieve long-term habit change 

Decrease emotional eating

Follow your inner eating and satisfaction cues

Find and Nurture your inner Super-Self

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We will work together so you can:

This Program is an 12-week  experience to start your inner and outer transformation in 2024.

Begins January 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024

Video-based Course

Weekly Learning Videos you can watch on your computer or your phone. Summary transcripts also available.

Weekly Group Coaching

Two opportunities weekly to get coached and learn from others.

Podcast Sessions

ALL learning modules AND group coaching sessions are available on podcast also.

Plant-strong Cheatsheets

An ever-growing library of meal ideas and grocery lists to make plants fast and easy.

Handbook and Journal

Handbook and guided Journal to support you, available as a PDF (you can print or use digital) OR order your paper copy. 

Private Facebook Group

Make new friends and see that you are NOT alone!  Support, laughs, and tips.


Coaching work is deeply personal.   

Testimonials are always anonymous.

"I had lost some weight on my own, but I lost over 40 more pounds since joining the group. Jennifer's approach was something I could do! This is NOT just another diet plan; it's a LIFE CHANGE that I can do for the rest of my life. I have learned a way to enjoy eating foods that are healthy for me. I feel so much better in my body and in my mind! I am enjoying so many more activities in life, and want to be here for and be active and healthy for my grandbabies... I especially love Group Coaching."

 ~Educator, Mom, Grandmother

"Coaching with Jennifer changed my life.  I have been able to make major nutrition changes to my family's diet (my husband has multiple medical problems), and she taught me to make things that seem so easy now. 

Coaching has helped me make major changes to my mindset and how I think about myself and my life. I got the courage to leave a job that I didn't love, and I'm so much happier now. I would not have had the courage to do that before coaching."

~ University Administrator, wife, caretaker, FurBaby Mom

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What about Bonuses?

BONUS:  Party Protocol Workshops

Prepare for parties and gatherings like a BOSS. These TWO recorded podcast sessions help you plan in advance how to GLIDE through your parties and buffets with CALM AND JOY by having a simple PLAN, and releasing your guilt and perfectionism. We will discuss dealing with triggering FOODS, and in episode two, dealing with triggering PEOPLE. 

($100 Value)

BONUS:  The Vision Workshop

It's back! If you've done it before, it's time for another one! In this Workshop we reflect on the past year, begin to meet our Super-Self, and plan our Core Values and Key Priorities for the upcoming New Year. 
($200 Value)


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NEW Super-Self Life & Weight Loss Coaching Program

12-week Life & Weight Loss Group Coaching Program

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