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Healthy Holiday Challenge
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We have worked so hard to get where we are. 

But we might still have thoughts like these:

  • "I feel stuck in this career, but don't want to waste all the years I've invested, and can't afford to leave."

  • "I know I need to lose some weight and focus on my health, but can't seem to make time and stick with anything."

  • "I feel guilty everywhere.... at work, in my marriage, as a parent, even as a daughter, for not doing enough." 
  • "I am so triggered by so many things with my work, my partner, my kids.
  • "Why don't I feel like a confident grown-up in my own head?" 


Does any of that sound familiar? You're in the right place. 


Hi there, I'm Jennifer.

I get it.

Even with a great career, loving family, and good health,  I found myself wanting to finally actually BECOME the person that I dreamed of being.

I wanted to ditch so much MENTAL NOISE.  Mind drama.  Being triggered.  People Pleasing.

Here's how it showed up in my life.

❌ Always thinking I would FINALLY reach my goals NEXT YEAR

❌ Obsessing over how I was doing as a Mom, Doctor and Wife

❌ Worrying. A LOT. About EVERYTHING

❌ Needing to get feedback from others to help me make decisions, even small ones.

I wanted to:


✅ Feel CALM around food

✅ Feel like a CONFIDENT GROWNUP in my own head

✅ Feel COURAGEOUS (not anxious and triggered) with life’s “downs”  

After Life Coaching changed my life, I became a Health and Life Coach, to help other  professional women uncover their BEST SELF.


How can we work together?


Get Clear on Your Values

Work on clarifying YOUR dreams, not simply living the dreams of your department, your institution, or your peers.

Get Coaching & Community

Learn cognitive skills to uncover your inner Best Self, along with other women on the same journey.

Uncover your Best Self

Become more calm, confident, courageous, compassionate and connected to others and to YOURSELF.


Healthy Holiday Challenge

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Coaching work is deeply personal.   

Testimonials are always anonymous.

"I had gained a lot of weight and was not feeling great in my skin; and I was so sick of trying to fix it. So much has changed since working with Jennifer -I'm eating so so much better and Jennifer helped me make it easy; I wore some pants this week that didn't fit six months ago! Through coaching, I navigated a major career change, really improved some challenging times with my kids and husband, and my anxiety is lower, and I feel amazing."

~ Academic Physician, Mom

"I started working with Jennifer on having more peace and calm through my fertility journey.  I felt like I was so uptight and triggered in several areas of life. The tools I learned have improved literally every area of life - my marriage improved, I'm less triggered by colleagues at work, and I feel more confident. I feel more calm, connected, and compassionate, I learned to laugh at many things that used to bother me. "

~ Corporate Leader, mom

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