Totally FRUSTRATED with trying to lose weight and get fit after 40?
Don't know where to start?

Join me for FIVE DAYS of BABY STEPS.  Four simple habits that you can pull off by 9 am. Great prizes. 

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Starts February 20, 2023
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Four simple habits

by 9:00 am ('ish.)

Give me 5 days.
I'll help you TAKE THE FIRST STEPS to lose weight and get fit after age 40.

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FREE 4 by 9 Challenge

Five Days. Four Simple Habits. You can TOTALLY do this.









During this FREE Challenge you'll get...  

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Plenty of advise, tips, a habit tracker, and your scorecard to make sure you complete your four Daily Habits AND can keep going after the Challenge.

Private Community 

Daily prompts, tips and tricks, and motivation to keep you hitting those Challenge Goals. POST DAILY to increase your chances of winning awesome prizes!

Daily Livestreams for Q & A

I'll go LIVE Daily to answer your questions, teach you what to focus on, make you laugh,  AND provide some FREE COACHING LIVE.

I'll cover ALL THE THINGS you need to focus on to start your weight loss and fitness journey, so you will end the week with MOMENTUM and a PLAN to keep going!

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