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Lose the weight

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We have worked so hard to get where we are. 

But we might still have thoughts like these:

  • "I feel stuck in this career, but don't want to waste all the years I've invested, and can't afford to leave."

  • "I know I need to lose some weight and focus on my health, but can't seem to make time and stick with anything."

  • "I feel guilty everywhere.... at work, in my marriage, as a parent, even as a daughter, for not doing enough." 
  • "I am so triggered by so many things with my work, my partner, my kids.
  • "Why don't I feel like a confident grown-up in my own head?" 


Does any of that sound familiar? You're in the right place. 


Hi there, I'm Jennifer.

I get it.

Even with a great career, loving family, and good health,  I found myself wanting to finally actually BECOME the person that I dreamed of being.

I wanted to ditch so much MENTAL NOISE.  Mind drama.  Being triggered.  People Pleasing.

Here's how it showed up in my life.

❌ Always thinking I would FINALLY reach my goals NEXT YEAR

❌ Obsessing over how I was doing as a Mom, Doctor and Wife

❌ Worrying. A LOT. About EVERYTHING

❌ Needing to get feedback from others to help me make decisions, even small ones.

I wanted to:


✅ Feel CALM around food

✅ Feel like a CONFIDENT GROWNUP in my own head

✅ Feel COURAGEOUS (not anxious and triggered) with life’s “downs”  

After Life Coaching changed my life, I became a Health and Life Coach, to help other  professional women uncover their BEST SELF.


How can we work together?


Meet your inner Super-Self (she's amazing)

My unique Super-Self Coaching Methodology helps you find your own Vision for YOUR best life.

Determine your specific highest values & goals

Learn cognitive skills to uncover your inner Best Self, along with other women on the same journey.

Watch the Changes in your mind, body & life

Become more calm, confident, courageous, compassionate and connected to others and to YOURSELF.


Super-Self Life & Weight Loss Coaching NOW

My Super-Self Life & Weight Loss Group Program starts soon! Join us!

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Fast Track 1:1 Coaching

Ready for ultimate personalization, discretion, and fast results?  Schedule a complimentary coaching session.

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Coaching work is deeply personal.   

Testimonials are always anonymous.

"I had gained a lot of weight and was not feeling great in my skin; and I was so sick of trying to fix it. So much has changed since working with Jennifer -I'm eating so so much better and Jennifer helped me make it easy; I wore some pants this week that didn't fit six months ago! Through coaching, I navigated a major career change, really improved some challenging times with my kids and husband, and my anxiety is lower, and I feel amazing."

~ Academic Physician, Mom

"I started working with Jennifer on having more peace and calm through my fertility journey.  I felt like I was so uptight and triggered in several areas of life. The tools I learned have improved literally every area of life - my marriage improved, I'm less triggered by colleagues at work, and I feel more confident. I feel more calm, connected, and compassionate, I learned to laugh at many things that used to bother me. "

~ Corporate Leader, mom