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Try this 4-step Simple Morning Routine to GET STARTED.

If you feel like you can't get any MOTIVATION to get started with a new health or weight loss program, you are NOT alone!  There's NOTHING wrong with you!   

You are Not Broken
See, we mistakenly believe that only a TOTAL AND EPIC IMMEDIATE LIFE OVERHAUL will get us to our desired weight or health results.  That actually just does NOT work for most people.  (If it HAS worked for you in the past or now, that's awesome!)

This "scorched-Earth-pantry"-approach can fail (you know, where you sweep the pantry and fridge like a tornado, scorching it of ALL foods that are not on the new diet!).   And the reason it fails is NOT because you are weak, or have deficient motivation. 

But because you have a normal, human brain!   

Remember this mantra, please.... "Positive tiny actions breed MORE positive tiny actions which eventually lead to big results." 

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In this post, I'm going to share with you a simple and fast morning habit stack to help you get some quick wins and generate some momentum and motivation with your health journey.


Human behavior is so complex and just the KNOWLEDGE of what is great for our health does NOT result in actual behavior change!  


Dear friend, you start small. I'm talking TINY. 

MICRO-HABIT changes can allow a little spark of self-satisfaction, and the magical thought, "Hey, I'm doing something positive!"  

And these little magical moments spark MORE motivation and more magical moments and more micro-habit change, and when REPEATED AND COMPOUNDED, with a BIG dose of PATIENCE, 

You get Results.

Simple Habit #1: Drink your water

Start your day by drinking one liter of water.

We all wake up a little bit dehydrated because we've been sleeping all night without drinking anything. Studies have shown that being well hydrated helps our cognitive performance.

It also helps with our physical functioning, metabolism, and acts as a fantastic appetite suppressant.

I call it liquid willpower.

Plus, when you start the day with this habit, it puts you in the mindset of being a fit and healthy person. Positive action breeds more positive action.

So, if you have trouble starting this or any other habit, ask yourself, "How can I make this stupidly easy?" Maybe fill up a water bottle and put it on your bedside table or place it between you and your pot of coffee, so you can't have coffee until you've had your water.

Habit #2: Move! 
After sleeping all night, moving in the morning gets our blood flowing to muscles and joints (helping with that morning stiffness!), and moves our lymphatic system into action, so it can do it's awesome detox job.

Can you shoot for 2,000 steps first thing in the morning? Now, that may sound like a lot, but maybe you just haven't tried to get 2,000 steps before now.

These steps contribute to what's called our NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), which is basically the movement we do when we're not intentionally exercising. It's like piddling around activity. Studies have shown that people who piddle around a lot or fidget burn more calories.

So, getting a little baseline of movement in first thing in the morning, even if you don't have time for a full workout, is beneficial. If you live in a high-rise apartment or it's inconvenient to go outside, walking in place counts too! Just turn on some music, the morning news, or a podcast, and start walking in place to get your 2,000 steps.

Habit #3: First Meal of the Day

I do get asked a lot, "Do I HAVE to eat breakfast?" No you don't! Unless you are actually hungry, or find yourself struggling with fatigue, excessive munchies, or have a MEDICAL NEED to eat breakfast.  

You can eat your first meal whenever you are hungry and it works for you. 

Many people don't eat until noon and still feel great, have great workouts, and get the physical results they want. However, if you're a chronic dieter and find that later in the day your energy suffers, you have cravings, and tend to eat in a way that doesn't align with your goals, then eating some food in the morning can be beneficial.

Use your first meal to pack in some nutrition early in the day. 

I recommend (at least) a three-part breakfast. The first part is a serving of fruit or vegetables. The second part is some protein, preferably about 20 grams of plant-based protein.  (I always include a fiber-rich carb also!) And the third part is what I call a "booster. "

"Boosters" are culinary food items that have some really good evidence for being exceptionally beneficial to humans due to their antioxidant content or healthy fats (in the case of flax seed meal.)

A great way to put together a three-part breakfast is either a smoothie, an oatmeal bowl, or a scramble made with tofu or egg whites. These options allow you to add fruits, and even veggies, to your diet. Don't forget to include some easy protein like plant-based protein powder, and if it's okay with your healthcare provider, consider adding a booster like green tea, turmeric, or flax meal.

Habit #4: Gratitude

Taking a few moments each day to practice gratitude can have  benefits for our mood, depression, anxiety, and overall quality of life. 

I recommend documenting it somewhere, like a notes app on your phone or a paper journal, where you can write down four things every single day that you're grateful for.   Get quiet, and really FEEL thankfulness for ANYTHING that is present or going well in your world. 

If you can NOT think of anything, a guided journal or easily available lists on the internet can help you get started in the MENTAL HABIT. 

BONUS HABIT #5: Explore Your Thoughts with a Pen (aka Journaling)
 Did you know that all of our actions and habits start with our THOUGHTS? All of our plans are born or die in our MIND.  

If you have ever thought to yourself, "WHY IN THE WORLD do I keep doing this thing that I keep trying to quit doing?" or "WHY IN THE WORLD don't I do what I know I need to do??"  

Then examining your brain through writing opens a world of answers to our questions about ourselves! 

AND Journaling can be a POWERFUL tool to help us understand and change our daily habits. 

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